Preparing a Cake Tin for a Sponge Cake

Preparing a Cake Tin for a Sponge Cake

Nothing is more depressing than carefully mixing and baking a sponge, only to have it stick to the tin and come out in pieces. The following method will ensure that this never happens.

Melt an ounce of lard or other hard white fat in a microwave or in a pan on the hob. Using a pastry brush, simply brush the entire area of the inside of the tin, Making sure you go right into the corners of a square tin and into the indentations if using a round ‘fluted’ sponge tin. Leave to cool until the fat has solidified on the surface of the tin. Finally add a tablespoon of flour to the tin and shake, until the fat is completely coated. If using two tins, simply empty the flour into the second tin and repeat. Finally tap the tins to remove excess flour. Should you notice any area not coated, simply paint with a little melted fat and cover with flour until the entire area is covered with flour. Your tin is now ready.

It is possible to buy parchment circles to prevent cakes from sticking. These are pre-cut circles of baking parchment which are placed in the base of the cake tin. It is necessary to grease the tin beforehand as the sides will stick and also the parchment may lift when you fill the tin and some mixture could seep underneath the paper. It is not necessary to grease the circles as baking parchment can simply be lifted off the baked cake.

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