Lining a Cake Tin for a Fruit Cake

I find this very tiresome myself, but it is definately worth the extra effort to have a deliciously moist cake without dry burnt edges.

What you will need

Cake Tin
Greaseproof Paper
1oz (28 grams) Lard
Pastry Brush for Geasing
Pencil or Pen

Use greaseproof paper to double line your tin. Firstly cut out two pieces for the base of the tin, using the tin as a template, then cut enough lengths of greaseproof paper, just higher than the tin, to go round the tin twice with overlaps. Melt some lard in a pan or in the microwave and using a pastry brush, grease the tin and line it with the greaseproof paper, using the brush to push the paper onto the inside of the tin and also grease the paper ready for the next layer. Finish with a layer of grease on the second layer.

Your tin is now ready to use (see picture) – Click on image to enlarge


  1. @ Debbie As you are making a small 6″ cake, you will probably be alright with using the cake release and newspaper. However the lining of the tin is not so much the ease of getting it out, but stopping the cake from drying out around the sides before it is cooked in the centre. Fruit cakes are dense and can be very dry if not protected adequately. I always double line even my little 4″ cakes.

  2. I am finding your site very helpful. I need to make a 6 ” fruit cake this week and I was wondering if the lining of the tin is necessary when I use wiltons cake release. Can I not just use that and cover the tin outside with newspaper and bake as usual? Thanks

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. your recipes are timeless and so helpful to younger bakers like me. Am grateful, may God richly bless you.

  4. I am looking for a recipe to make a 2Lb loaf Christmas cake. Could you help me. I’m thinking a 7″ square recipe should fit?

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