Making Greaseproof Icing Bags

These little icing bags are a must for anyone undertaking cake decoration. They are especially ideal when decorating a cake with many colours.

All you need is a roll of Greaseproof Paper and a little practise. They can be fiddly at first, but are well worth perfecting.

Firstly cut a square of paper. It does not matter what size, but do bear in mind that the completed bag will be approximately a quarter of the size of the original piece of paper.

Fold the paper in half diagonally and press along the fold.

Next with the long edge of the triangle facing away from you, take the right hand point and curl it under to the centre point (facing you) to form a small cone and hold in place.

Next take the left hand point and fold it around the cone you have just formed, bringing all the points together.

Fold all three points over into the bag three times to hold in place. You should now have a perfect icing bag.

Simply snip off the point with a pair of sicissors. Do not cut too much off at first, you can always adjust later.

Then insert your icing nozzle, pushing down gently with the handle of a wooden spoon until it just sticks out of the end of the bag. You can cut a little more off the point if necessary.


  1. @Tracie. Yes you can make Icing Bags out of wax paper. You may find it a little more slippery when folding into a cone. It may also be more difficult to stop it coming undone. If this is the case, when you have folded over the points, clip in place with a staple. This part does not come into contact with the icing itself and is therefore safe to use.

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