Feather Icing

Feather Icing looks very impressive but is in fact very simple to achieve even for a novice decorator.

Feather icing is very useful for decorating sponge cakes and can be used on large sponges or individual cup cakes.

The main points to remember are:

  • Ensure you have all equipment ready before you start decorating
  • The Icing should be runny but not watery
  • Make your contrast colour bright

What you will need

  • Cake to be iced
  • Icing Sugar
  • Sieve
  • 2 Mixing Bowls
  • Icing Bag
  • Icing Nozzle (No 1 or 2)
  • Food Colouring
  • Spatula or round bladed knife
  • Clean knife
  • Water
  • Cocktail Stick

How to Feather Ice

Take your cake and place it on a cooling rack on a chopping board. The icing being runny will drip off the sides and the chopping board will catch the drips.

Sift half a box of Icing Sugar into one of the bowls and add sufficient cold water to give a runny but not watery consistency.

Take a small amount of the icing and put into the second bowl. Using a cocktail stick add small drops of food colour to the icing until you have your desired colour. Spoon this icing into an icing bag fitted with a plain writing nozzle. Use a No. 1 nozzle for small cup cakes and a No. 2 for a large sponge.

Spread the white icing onto your sponge and spread with a flat bladed knife.

Once the cake is covered, take your icing bag filled with the coloured icing and pipe lines accross the width of the cake. Do not worry if the lines are a little wobbly but by lifting the bag away from the cake as you ice will give a straighter line. It is a good Idea to pipe the centre line first and then pipe the rest evenly from this line to the edges.

Once all the lines have been piped take a clean knife and draw it down the length of the cake and through the piped lines. Continue this accross the cake approximately every 2 inches (5 cms).

Turn the cake round and repeat between the first lines. As you will see the coloured icing is drawn down and through the white icing and when you turn the cake round the pattern is drawn in the opposite direction giving the well known feather icing.

It is important to have all the equipment ready before you start as the pattern will not work if the icing starts to set. If you follow these rules you will have a very attractive cake with very little effort and your family and friends will be very impressed.

Once you can feather ice, you can use it in many different ways (See Chocolate Feather Iced Cake).


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