Crimping is a quick and easy way to give a decorative finish to the top edge of cakes. It can also be used as a decorative way to seal the cake to the cake board (this is especially useful if you do not like piping royal icing) and to finish the edges of plaques. The crimping is achieved by working on fondant icing while it is still soft.

Crimpers are like pairs of tweezers and come in a variety of styles.

How to Crimp

Simply place the open crimpers around the soft fondant and gently squeeze together and then left them off. This is repeated around the entire cake to give a simple but effective decoration.

It is a good idea to practise on a spare piece of fondant first to get the effect you want as different effects can be achieved by sqeezing the crimpers closer together.

To create a crimped edge at the base of the cake

The cake should already be covered in a layer of fondant icing and allowed to dry for a day. Using a small brush (I use an artists paint brush), dampen the bottom edge of the fondant on the cake.

Next roll out a ‘sausage’ of fondant, approx 2cm in diameter and long enough to go round the cake. If you are decorating a large cake, use 2 pieces.

Next place the ‘sausges’ of fondant round the base of the cake and gently run your finger over them to secure.

To join, cut both ends at an angle, and fit them together, smoothing gently to hide the join.

Take the crimpers and dip in icing sugar, to prevent them sticking. Place the open cripers around the ‘sausage’ and gently sqeeze together then open them again before lifting them from the icing.

Continue round the cake. If you find you have squeezed too hard in some places and the pattern is irregular, simply run your finger along the edges to smooth them off and create a more even appearance. Finally leave to dry in a cake box.




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