Chocolate Feather Iced Cake

Moderately easy but care must be taken not to overheat the chocolate

This is a variation of feather icing in that it uses melted chocolate instead of icing.

To ice a round sponge you will need:

150 grams grated milk chocolate (or chocolate chips)
50 grams grated white chocolate
25 grams butter
1 greaseproof icing bag
No 1 plain nozzle

  • Make the icing bag and insert the nozzle.
  • Melt the milk chocolate and butter in a basin over hot water or in a microwave and beat together until smooth and glossy. Adding the butter allows you to cut the decorated cake without the chocolate covering breaking.
  • In small bowl melt the white chocolate (do not add butter)

Spread the cake with the melted milk chocolate and smooth out (it does not have to be completely smooth)

Pour the melted white icing into the bag and starting at the centre of the cake, ice circles of white chocolate. (Do not worry if they are wobbly)

Lastly, ice a large ‘dot’ right in the centre. Then using a flat bladed knife, draw the knife through the chocolate, from the centre to the edge of the cake.

Continue this evenly round the cake. I usually mark the cake in half, then quarters and finally eigths to give an even look.

NOTE. You only feather the icing in one direction on this particular design.

Once you have finished, you will have a very attractive spiders web design. Leave to set naturally before cutting.

Using this spiders web design you can then start to decorate novelty cakes.

The following two ideas are created using coloured icing instead of chocolate:

A Halloween Spiders Web can be created by using orange icing as the base and black icing for the circles. Finally place a plastic spider on the web.

Use red icing as the base and black icing for the circles to create a simple Spiderman effect cake for your son’s birthday.


  1. To feather ice a square cake, pipe straight lines of white chocolate down the cake, starting with a line down the centre and working out towards the sides, keeping the stripes even. Turn the cake round 90 degrees and start drawing the knife through the chocolate (as shown above), again starting from the centre and working out towards the sides approx 3 cm apart. When you have done this, turn the cake round 180 degrees and repeat the process drawing the knife in the opposite direction and in between the ones you did previously, making the distinctive feather iced pattern. The best chocolate to use is one with a low melting point such as a cooking chocolate. I use Dr Oetker or Supercook chocolate chips. These chips melt very easily and taste delicious and come in dark, milk and white varieties.

  2. Hello,

    How would you feather ice a square cake with chocolate and which is the best white chocolate for melting purposes?

    Many thanks


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