14 inch Fruit Cake Recipes (Metric Weights)

I have received many requests for recipes for 14 inch cakes, so have calculated the following recipes for both round and square tins.

When making such large cakes it is important to double line the inside of the tin and also to wrap the outside with newspaper.  Take two double pages and fold in three lengthways.  Repeat this until you have enough strips to go round the cake tin.  Hold in place with string.

It is also important to check that these large tins will actually fit in your oven and have space all round once the door is closed.  Some of the slim-line ovens will not take this size.

Finally increase the cooking time.  Cook for about two hours at 160°C then lower the temperature to 150°C until the cake is cooked.  The cooking time may be around 4 hours or more depending on your oven.

Please Note  The thickness of the cooked cake will be approximately three inches, which when covered with marzipan and icing and decorated is the standard size for a bottom tier of a wedding cake.  However the current trend seems to be for much deeper cakes four to five inches in depth.  If you wish your cake to be this deep you will have to increase the mixture accordingly.   You will also need to reduce your cooking temperature, cook for longer and increase the amount of lining paper in your tin.  If making a celebration cake for the first time, I would not recommend making a deep cake until you have been sucessful in baking a shallower one.

Please ensure that your cake is fully cooked in the middle.  Even though it may look cooked on the outside, it could still be raw inside.  I was recently shown pictures of a beautifully decorated wedding cake that consisted of three very deep fruit cakes.  Unfortunately the cake was not served as when the caterers cut into it to serve it, they found that the cake was not cooked in the middle.  This meant that the whole cake was thrown away and the bride and groom were very upset at this unhappy event on their special day.

For the method for mixing these cakes please follow the instructions on the Rich Fruit Cake Recipes for Various Sized Tins.


14 inch Round Cake Tin

14 inch Square Cake Tin










GlaceCherries – Halved



Mixed Peel



Flaked Almonds



Grated Lemon Rind – 5 ml spoons



Brandy – 15ml spoons (optional – can use milk instead)



Plain Flour



Mixed Spice – 5ml spoons



Ground Almonds



Soft Brown Sugar






Black Treacle – 15 ml spoons







  1. No problem – The recipe works with medium size eggs but if they are a little small I tend to add more to compensate. As a guide medium eggs weigh 56 – 63 grams and small 53 grams and under. If you weigh your eggs you will get an idea. Adding an extra egg or two will not hurt in such a large cake, and will give extra lift, just adjust the liquid to compensate as you do not want too wet a mixture.

  2. Hi, You have three options here.
    1) Crumb Coat – As the crumb coat will be soft, you risk the fondant becoming soggy which means you would need to ice and decorate it immediately before the wedding. This is fine if the decoration is simple and the couple do not intend to store any of the cake.
    2) Double fondant – Cover in fondant and leave to dry and then cover with a second layer. This will give you more time to decorate as the cake juices will have two layers to go through.
    3) Imitation marzipan. I have a recipe for nut free marzipan which works well. It is a little grainy as it uses corn meal and can be difficult to work with as it breaks up easily. However, I have used it several times when nut allergies are present. Let me know if you wish to have the recipe.

  3. Hi ty for the advice i have another dilemma now the people who want the cake do not like marzipan but they want a fondant icing as a topping is it ok to crumb coat then use fondant please ? many thanks Marichu xx

  4. Hi, I have just measured my 14 inch cake tin and it is 3 inches deep, therefore the recipe for the 14 inch square fruit cake will work for your 13.5 x 14.5 tin.

  5. Hi i desperately need help i need a fruit cake recipe for a tin that measures 13.5 inches by 14,5 inches and 3 inches deep please im not sure which size square i should be going by please

  6. @Rachel. I would start with a cup full of tea or juice. If, after soaking, it has not all disappeared, just drain the fruit before using. You can replace the 15ml brandy in the recipe with juice, tea or just plain milk which does not curdle the mixture like juice. It is only there to make the mixture a soft dropping consistency and you may not need the full amount if you have soaked the fruit first so I would start with 10ml and see.

  7. Sorry…if i was to soak how much tea/juice should i use?
    If i decided not to soak do u just replace the 15ml brandy in your recipe to 15ml juice/tea? Thanks

  8. @Rachel. If alcohol cannot be used, then the best way to make a nice moist cake, is to soak the fruit first and in this respect it can be juice or tea (earl grey gives a nice flavour). However soaking the fruit can make the cake as bit more crumbly when cutting and also it will not keep so long, so needs to be made within a couple of weeks of the event.

  9. Hiya. Im going to be making a 14″ fruit cake for a wedding. They dont want any alcohol, can i use juice instead or i seen somewhere else suggested tea to soak the fruit?

  10. Hi -can you please give me a recipe for an 11″ round rich fruit cake please. I like a dark cake, rather than golden. Fingers crossed as it is for the lower tier of a wedding cake. Thank you

  11. @ Esther. There is no reason why you cannot freeze the cake, but my recipes reply on a maturing period of at least 4 weeks to become moist. I understand from other readers in hot countries that this may be a problem. I have a recipe for a Jamaican fruit cake which is high in alcohol and very moist. I can post this recipe if you wish. As for a champagne cake I have to admit that I have never made one so cannot recommend a recipe. However this is the link to one I found but cannot guarantee the outcome. Champagne cake

  12. I want to bake a 12inches fruit cake for my sister wedding it is my first wedding cake,can I bake the cake a week to the wedding and wrap the cake in a baking paper also can it be kept in the freezer.I live in Nigeria and also want recipe p e for a champagne cake for the 10inches

  13. @ Jacqui. A 14″ cake is at the limit of most domestic ovens and there is always a risk of hot spots as you have found. Turning the cake can help prevent this. When the cake is fully cold and you can check it throughroughly, you may find that the cake is not now so hard as you thought and may just need a gentle trim to remove the burnt fruit. If however is is very burnt on more that just the outside edge, then you may wish to rebake it. Do not throw the original away though, trim the burnt edges and feed with a mixture of brandy and sherry and keep for a minimum of three months. You will then be able to use it for another celebration and it will taste delicious. I once kept a cake I had burnt for 18 months and made it into a Christmas cake for the family and it was fantastic.

  14. I have today cooked the 14 inch round fruit cake and took it out after 2.5 hours. I cooked it at 160 fan oven for 2 hrs then reduced to 150 for half an hour. I am concerned that even though I lined the tin inside and outside as you stipulated, the side at the back of the oven seems over cooked – it feels hard and the fruit is burned. As it is for a wedding cake it must be right. Do you think I need to make another one and turn it during cooking?

  15. @ Matt. I have always said that my recipes make a 2.5 to 3 inch depth. Mine are always consistent now but in the early days before I used very accurate scales and egg sizes, they would vary in depth. Also if a cake is over mixed when the fruit is added then this will make it denser and shallower. Always check that recipe is for a square tin and not round as square tins take more mixture for the same size as a round.

  16. I have found you’ll need at least 30% more ingredients for the square tin to achieve a 3 in depth. As is, will give you just a fraction over 2 inches. Expensive mistake to make.

  17. Hi,
    I just wanted to say how useful you have been on this feed! Always responding, always with great detail. Thank you

  18. @Ria. This cake is perfect for a wedding cake and 8 weeks is a good maturing time. Once the cake has been cooked and is completely cold (next day is best). Take it out of the tin and remove the greaseproof paper. Feed it with a mixture of brandy and sweet sherry and wrap it back up in fresh greaseproof paper or baking parchment. The whole thing then needs to be completely sealed in either a tin or plastic tub. As this cake is rather large and finding a suitable container can be difficult, you can wrap it up in two strong carrier bags (the ones without any air holes in them) and seal it with cellotape. Make sure you store it on a flat surface so it does not get damaged or misshapen.
    You can feed it again after four weeks and rewrap and seal. When to marzipan and ice it rather depends on the level of decoration you will be using. Ideally the cake needs to be marzipaned and left for three days, to set, before icing/covering with fondant. I usually do this one – two weeks in advance of the wedding to give me plenty of time to ice and decorate the cake, especially if the decorating is complex and needs to be done over 2 or three days. I wish you well with your cake and your wedding day.

  19. Hi im thinking of using this recipe for my wedding cake as it looks perfect. You stated that it needs at least 4 weeks to mature which is fine, im thinking about doing it about 8 weeks in advance. How do I store it (does it need wrapping or just in a tin) and when would be best to ice it in marzipan/fondant? Also would you suggest feeding it with more brandy? Thanks.

  20. @Andrea – You will need to cook it for up to 4 hours. Start at 160 deg C for two hours then reduce to 150 deg C until the cake is firm to the touch and a skewar comes out clean.

  21. @Andrea. First of all you cream your butter with the sugar, black tracle and ground almonds. Then add the eggs. Put all the dried fruit into the flour and spices and coat well, then add this to the mixture. Finally add the lemon rind and brandy/milk.

  22. @Peter. As long as you have some space around the sides, back and front of the tin you will be fine. An inch is ideal. Try to place the tine as central in the oven as possible.

  23. Hi,you mention in some of your replies about space around the tin in ovens. my question is, i have a fan combi oven. i can do fan or top and bottom heat or a mix. how much space do i need around a square/rectangle tin for a good bake for a. a fruit cak b. a sponge. As i’m looking at 12 – 13 inch square cakes? thanks in advance Peter

  24. @ Kerry – Hi I always use milk to losen a mixture and once baked and fed, the cake will keep for a long time. The longest I have kept one was 18 months and it was absolutely delicious.

  25. @Julie. The problem is the serrated knife as it catches on the fruit. I always use a very sharp plain carving knife (The type used for slicing joints). Also do it slowly and you should then get a clean cut. There is no nead to run the knife under hot water.

  26. Hi there. I am making a cruise ship shaped cake ,please could you tell me how to cut a fruit cake into shape? Each time I try it is breaking up and leaving holes. I am using a serrated knife. Does it need to be Ron under hot water first many thanks Julie.

  27. @ Sinead. The formula for increasing cake recipes is on this website, but I would not recommend increasing a 14″ recipe to make it deeper. It is far easier to make two cakes and put one on top of the other. The danger is that the cake will either be burnt on the outside or uncooked in the middle. I know someone who went to a wedding that had a very deep cake and it was raw in the middle when it was cut.

  28. Hi have a 4″ deep 14″ round tin. Reckon will need to increase the recipe to have around a 3″ depth. Do I just increase all ingredients by 1.5? Thanks ?

  29. @Angela. I think your suggestions are fine and the two fruit cakes can be made well in advance. In fact now would be good. I don’t like the tast of black treacle, but have never tasted it in my cakes as the flavours blend and mellow as the cake matures. However if you wish to use golden syrup, the Golden Christmas cake is the best recipe as it is adapted for the use of golden syrup and makes a lovely flavoured cake. If you have guests who do not like traditional fruit cake, they will more than likely like the golden fruit cake.

  30. Hi Sheila
    I am going to make my daughters wedding cake for September. Sizes 12″ 10″ and 8″ round The bottom layer will be fruit the middle chocolate biscuit and the top fruit. Is this ok for a wedding cake as I think these will keep better and I won’t have to be baking a few days before. Would they be ok or what would you suggest. Also I don’t like black treacle so is it ok to add golden syrup instead.
    Thanking you

  31. @Steph. That is a very good question and not one I had thought to explain on the site. I take half a sheet of paper and roll it up, fold it in half and place it in the indent at the top. You can then wrap the paper around the tin and paper roll and tie with string.

  32. Hi, I’m about to make my first heart shaped fruit cake bottom tier 14″ fruit but am having a senior moment, I think, how do you make the outer paper stay around the outsied of the pan? Obviously with a round or square string will keep it in place but with the indentation at the top of the heart shaped the the paper is naturally oing to go across it rather than follow the line (or does that not matter?

  33. @Nicki. I will put the recipes on this weekend for you. Am I correct in thinking you want and 11″ carrott and 8″ chocolate cake?

  34. @Nicki. I am so sorry about the delay in replying. It is certainbly not too soon to start making the cakes. Make the largest one first as it takes longer to mature. Here is the formula for making cakes a different size to the recipe:
    My recipes assume that the depth of the cake tin is 2″ and square to calculate the volume of the tins.
    14″ tin (14 x 14 x 2 = 392 cubic inches)
    16″ tin (16 x 16 x 2 = 512 cubic inches)
    To find percentage difference (392/512 x 100 = 75.56%). Round up to 77%.
    You can now use this percentage to calculate your ingredients. For example 100g Raisins would become 177g (100 + 77% = 177g).
    You may find that you have some odd quantities so may have to round down or up accordingly.
    If you want the cake to be deeper then just assume a larger cake tin. For example is you are making a 6″ cake but want it deeper then calculate the cake tin as a 7″. The temperature would be the same, turning it down only when it has risen and feels firm in the centre when you gently press it. It will take longer to cook as it is deeper and you want it cooked all the way through. Make sure you line the tin and put plenty of newspaper on the outside to stop the edges drying out before the centre is cooked.

  35. Sorry me again before you have even had a chance to answer my last comment. You said earlier that you would put some good sponge recipes on the web to make the top 2 tiers of a wedding cake. I love the idea of carrot cake as the middle tier and then probably chocolate on the top as I presume the carrot may be more dense than the chocolate. I am doing the 14 inch fruit and wanted to do an 11″ and 8″ round as the other tiers. Can you put a link to the recipes please. I am looking forward to making these after all the positive comments that you have received.

  36. Hi Shiela
    I have read all the comments and think I would like to cake to be slightly deeper but not as deep as doing double. Can you tell me the ratio for making it 3 inches (or 9 cms) and what the cooking times and temperature would be? Thank you. The wedding is at the end of May – when is the best time to start it? Is this weekend too soon?

  37. @nackered. Hi the overall capacity of the heart shaped tins is similar to a square the same size. To measure heart shaped tins, measure accross the widest part of the tin horizontally, with the point towards you. If you have similar tins in either round or square, you can double check by filling the heart shaped tin with water and then pouring into one of your tins and seeing which size is best. I generally use the square recipes. For example an 8 inch heart tin would use an 8″ square recipie. I find it best to have too much mixture rather than not enough, as I can always leave a little out.
    See my gallery for heart shaped cakes I have made http://cakefrills.co.uk/home/coming-soon . The first one (without pillars) I used the equivalent round recipe as the cakes were very large and depth was not desired for this design. The others, with pillars, were made using the equivalent square recipe as I wanted the depth to be able to drape the flowers over the edges.

  38. Hi I am making my sisters wedding cake for her and she is having heart shaped the problem I am having is I cant find recepies for this can you please help me the sizes are 12,10 and 8 inch

  39. @Sally. I think the temperature may be the problem. The cake needs a higher temperature to begin with to make it rise and then dropped to stop it rising to a point and splitting. This 14″ cake needs about 2 hours at 160 Deg C (in a fan overn) and then dropping down to 150 for the remaining time. Double line the tin with baking parchment and wrap the outside with two sheets of newspaper, folded into three to make a nice thick strip that is at least the same depth as the tin. You will need more than one of these to go around a 14″ tin. Tie securely with string. This will stop the cake from drying out and is very important with a large cake. I can if you wish do the maths for your light fruit cake, but this will not really be strong enough for a bottom tier or keep and mature in the same way. These big cakes can very easily break in half when being handled.

  40. I have a 13 inch light fruit cake but don’t know how to make it up to 14 inch as I cant do maths ….. came across your recipe so used this one x

  41. Hi Sheila
    I cooked it at 150 all the way through but it quickly became very dry around the outside … the fruit cake will be the first layer with 4 sponges on top making a 5 tier but also stacked ….. the fruit is the one I’m struggling with …. it did rise more than the mixture I put in but not much ….. Thankyou for you quick response x

  42. @Sally. You did not say if the cake rose at all from the height of the mixture you put in. If it did not rise, it may be that the oven was not hot enough for the first part of the baking. The cake should be allowed to rise for the first hour or so and then the temperature lowered before it starts to crack on the top. If however the cake did rise but not as much as you would like, then a 16″ mixture may give you the desired thickness. Be sure to watch that the cake cooks evenly as, thick fruit cakes can burn on the outside and be uncooked in the middle. I always advise against deep fruit cakes for this very reason. This recipe usually comes out at 2″ deep which is normal height for a tier of a wedding cake, given that the marzipan and icing will increase the size. If your design calls for a deep cake, then place another one on the top. Many professionals build up their designs in this way, plus it makes cutting much easier as tall thin pieces will just fall apart.

  43. Hi

    Help please … I’ve cooked this cake for bottom tier of a 5 tier for my daughters wedding cake ….. it’s came out at only 2 inches thick so why is it not rising … my tin is 14 round and 3 inches deep … can I cook a 16 in the tin to make it deeper ….. really need help now as on a very tight schedule now … thankyou in advance x

  44. @Shirin. How exciting to be making a stacking cake. You are correct in that each cake would be iced on a thin board and then these boards would rest upon the dowling in the cake below, to prevent ‘sinking’. The following is the formula I use for making different size cakes to help you with the 16″, but before you start, I would suggest that you check your oven size. Many domestic ovens will not take a sixteen inch tin with the required space around the tin to ensure it is cooked evenly.

    My recipes assume that the depth of the cake tin is 2″ and square to calculate the volume of the tins.
    14″ tin (14 x 14 x 2 = 392 cubic inches)
    16″ tin (16 x 16 x 2 = 512 cubic inches)
    To find percentage difference (392/512 x 100 = 75.56%). Round up to 77%.
    You can now use this percentage to calculate your ingredients. For example 100g Raisins would become 177g (100 + 77% = 177g).
    You may find that you have some odd quantities so may have to round down or up accordingly.

  45. Hi
    I am going to make a 5/6 tier stacking cake. Can you help me by telling me if I would use a thin board under each cake so that the board rests on dowling? I have never made a stacking cake before and feel a bit daunted! I am going to use your fruit recipe but have 16 inch cake for the bottom tier.
    Thank you

  46. Hi Sheila
    Thanxs for getting back to me
    Well the night before your reply I cut the cake in half it was on me mind that it wasn’t cooked! And it was cooked perfectly it is a lovely cake and it taste really lovely so I’ve now put another cake in the oven for the wedding cake I have to do
    Thanxs for your help and thanxs for a lovely recipe x

  47. @Tracy. If the skewer came out clean, then I am sure the cake is cooked. This cake is large but not overly deep which means it cooks evenly and fairly quickly. Two hours, 45 minutes sounds about right. To double check now the cake is cold. Turn the cake upside down and press gently in the middle of the underside. If it feels wet and soggy, then it probably is not cooked. However if it feels firm and springy then it is fine.

  48. Hi
    I made this 14in cake the other day and I only had it in the oven for 2hrs and 45min it looked cooked and the skewer came out clean. I just wanted to know what you think of the lack of time in the oven as its for a wedding cake and I want it cooked right

  49. @Michelle. If you leave out the ground almonds, just make up the almond weight with flour. If leaving out the flaked almonds you could use any of the dried fruits to make up the difference. The baking time will be approximately the same whether it is round or square.

  50. @Penny There is no need to soak your fruit when making a wedding cake as it will make it ‘pudding like in texture’. The only time I would do this is when you are making it last minute. As long as you have at least four weeks for it to mature, it is best not to soak the fruit.

  51. I dont want to use almonds but ned to make up quanity what other dry ingrediants & how much should i use this is for 14″ round & how long would you bake for.

  52. Just cooked my epic 14″ round fruit cake, for my daughters wedding. Although she is having a Krispy Creme wedding tower, I wanted to make a cake that will have 5 layers, 3 being fake bottom fruit and 8″ chocolate. First time wedding cake maker, so very nervous. Your tips really worked and I think it is cooked, brown top and bottom and skewer coming out clean also springy to the touch. Cooling on its rack and looking beautiful.

  53. @Trish. The shape of the tin does not really matter. I use the recipe for a 14″ square for my heart shapes. You say that you have not made one before, so I would suggest a simple Victoria Sandwich. I would also make two layers and jam and butter ice them together. If you try to make one deep layer, it will be deep in the middle but much thinner at the points. For each layer use 14oz of self raising flour, Margarine (Soft Stork is very good) and Caster Sugar and 7 Eggs. Add a teaspoon of baking powder to give a little more lift.
    Cream sugar and Marge together until it is very light and fluffy. Beat the eggs and stir in. Sift flour and baking powder and gently fold into your mixture. Do not beat it. Spoon into greased and floured tin and bake at 180 deg C. If it starts to rise too much in the middle lower heat slightly. It will be cooked when nice and golden and the mixture has shrunk slightly from the edges of the tin. It should also spring back if you press the top gently. Leave in tin for five minutes before turning out onto cooling rack and making second layer.

  54. hi can you help me please,
    ive been asked to make a (14inch) heart shaped sponge engagement cake, by my son, even though i have never done one before, i really need to know how much ingredients and what ingredients i need, cant find any recipes for heart shaped 14inch sponge,so would be very grateful for your help.

  55. @Barbara I am afraid I have to admit that I have very little experience of baking with gluten free flours as my family seem to be dairy or additive intolerant. I would personally advise against Xanthan Gum as I know that many people with IBS are intolerant to this, however glycerin would be a good alternative. If the cake is ‘fed’ after baking, the fruit should keep it nice and moist regardless of the flour, but you could soak the fruit first, just to make sure.

  56. Hi, I’ve been asked to bake a 14″ x 9″ fruit cake, to be covered with marzipan & fondant. Should I use the recipe for the 14″ x 14″ fruit cake or decrease slightly the amounts to be used for each ingredient? Thanks.

  57. Hi Sheila, I’m making a wedding cake for my daughter in June and she wants a 4 tier cake. The bottom one being 14′ then 12′, 10′ and 8′. The problem I have is that they all need to be gluten free! I’m used to cooking with gluten free products but wondered if your cake lends itself just changing the flours over or would I need extra products to prevent a cake of this size drying out? I was just thinking of the use of Xanthan gum or glycerine? Many thanks

  58. @ Sharon. I would always use dowels for a tiered cake. The cakes actually sit on the dowels and not the cake below. This prevents sinking/sagging and damage to the decorations. Even sponge cakes are heavy when decorated.

  59. @ Caroline. Now is the perfect time to start covering your fruit cake. As you suggested, cover with marzipan and leave to dry for two or three days. Do this by placing in a clean box but do not seal. The white cake boxes you use to transport them are ideal for this. Once the marzipan is dry and firm to the touch, you will have the perfect base for covering with icing and then decorating the cake.

  60. Hello, how soon should I start covering my fruit cake for wedding a week on Saturday? Should I cover with marzipan just now and leave a few days before covering with fondant or is it still to soon for both?

  61. @ Petra Providing you make the fruit cake the bottom layer, the sponge cakes should support each other. As for square tins, you only have to remember to make the next size up for a square cake. For example a recipe for an 8″ round cake will make a 7″ square cake. I have a recipe for a lovely carrot cake and also for a madeira type cake which contains lots and lots of ground almonds. This makes it firm enough for one of the bottom tiers and also keeps nice and moist. I will post these in the next couple of days. In the meantime you might like to test out my version of the chocolate biscuit cake http://cakefrills.co.uk/home/novelty-and-special-occasion-cakes/chocolate-biscuit-cake

  62. Sheila, thanks a lot for the clarification. I have now been wondering if I could do different layers of different cakes. If I make the 14″ square fruit cake – I also saw your 12″ square chocolate sponge cake. Do you have any other recipes for square tins? (10″, 8″ and 6″) and is the sponge cake “tough” enough to support other layers? At wedding recently they had a layer of “biscuit cake” which was lovely light and crunchy but I can’t find a recipe, and nothing much for that for a square tin altogether…

  63. @ Francesca Replace the ground almonds with flour as they are part of the dry ingredients and not the fruit.

  64. Hello I just wanted to know about the ground almonds I am leaving out the flaked almonds and replacing it with more sultanas but do I do the same with the ground almonds or do I replace that with flour ? Regards Francesca

  65. @ Francesca. Thanks for letting me know and you are right they do not sell them anymore. I have searched and I cannot find anywhere that sells one over 30cms (12″) so I would suggest you wrap it in greasproof paper and seal in in clean, thick plastic bags. if anyone reading this knows where larger plastic storage boxes can be obtained, please feel free to leave a comment to let others know.

  66. Hello I have looked on Lakeland website and can’t find one do u know the item number please so I can look it up please regards Francesca

  67. @ Francesca. It is possible to purchase plastic cake boxes big enough for the 14″ cake and Lakeland Limited make one. If it is a tight fitting, I usually turn it upside down and place the cake on the lid then fasten the box on top of it and store the whole thing upside down. However if for any reason you cannot get one, simply wrap it well in grease-proof paper and double wrap in plastic bags. The heavy duty ones such as from Lakeland or Next are best. Cut off the handles and wrap up tightly and sellotape to seal. Store the cake in a cool place where it will not get damaged.

  68. Hello I am making the cake a couple of months before the wedding and just wanted to know because of its size (14inches) what shall I do to the cake to store it ready for icing at a later date ? I mean I won’t be able to find a big enough cake tin or air tight container could I just wrap it well in baking paper and store it somewhere dry and cool ? Thanks again Francesca

  69. @ Petra. Thank you for pointing this out and sorry for the confusion. The brandy (milk) is added after the fruit and is to make the mixture soft enough so that it is a dropping consistency. Liquid can also be added to the other sizes but only if the mixture is not soft enough.

  70. I’m confused – I checked the instructions of what to do with the ingredients of your fruit cake on the page that has the smaller various sizes, but there you do not have the brandy listed, neither in the ingredients nor the instructions. What do I do with the brandy (or milk)? Can you please help me as I’m making a wedding cake with 5 tiers from 14″ to 6″. THANKS.

  71. @ Francesca. As I have not actually baked this cake with extra ingredients, I can only give you some tips which I use when baking fruit cakes anyway (as I no longer time them). When you put the cake in on the higher temperature to begin with leave for approximately one hour and then check to see how it has risen. If the cake has risen well and is starting to look brown all over, then turn down the temperature (always turn the temperature down immediately the cake looks as if it is starting to crack). Cook at the lower temperature for another hour and then check it at half hour intervals until it looks nicely browned. Then start testing it to see if it is cooked inside. If it starts to look too brown on the top, place a piece of greaseproof paper on top of the cake.

  72. Also could u tell me how much longer I would need to cook the cake if I add the extra ingredients for a 5inch cake please

  73. @ Christopher. I would be interested to know if the cake tins were advertised/sold as being for fruit cakes or Madeira cakes (which do lend themselves to being deeper). Also when unusual cake tins are sold, they usually have a recipe with them to help with the quantities required. In my opinion and from my own personal experience, I would always make shallower cakes and build them up to the height required for my design.

  74. Many thanks Sheila, will try to get a refund for my daughter as they have been miss sold as not fit for purpose.
    As they have another show here in Manchester next month.
    I only hope that my daughter takes heed of the cost of trying to cook in these tins.(What a waste of ingredients.)

  75. @ Christopher. I am very intrigued with the questions about 7″ deep tins. I have not been able to source any and wonder if they are 7cm as this is the deepest I have found. I would tend to agree with your wife and cook two cakes to get the depth as the practicality of cooking a cake that is 12″ x 7″ (84″ cubic inches) does not seem possible, certainly not in a domestic oven.

  76. My Daughter purchased a set of 7 inch deep cake tins,12/10/8 Round at an exhibition for cooking, here at Manchester.
    She has asked my wife to make here a Rich Fruit Wedding Cake in the 12inch x 7 inch deep, (which my wife says should be done in two).
    Do you know of any recipes for this and cooking times in a gas oven,(Can be placed lower down in oven)Range Master Professional Plus.

  77. @ gill I also have trouble with cakes over 10″. I have overcome this problem by purchasing a washing up bowl, which I keep specifically for this purpose. I mix the cake ingredients, up to and including the eggs, in my Kenwood Chef and then I tip the mixture into my clean washing up bowl and add the flour and dried fruit by hand.

  78. Hi I am having trouble getting all the ingredients in my mixer once adding the fruit – any tips please I am making 14″ square I don’t have a bigger mixing bowl either What size would I need

  79. @Franchesca. If you use the 14″ fruitcake recipe on this site the depth is approximately 2 – 2.5″. Therefore if you wish to have a cake which is 5″ deep you will need to increase each ingredient by 250%. If you want to make a 15″ cake which is 5″ deep then you will need to increase each ingredient by 287%. However do check your oven size as most conventional ovens will not take a 15″ tin as they do not have sufficient space around the tin to allow for even cooking. In addition to this baking a 5″ deep cake can be tricky to get it cooked inside and not overcooked outside. An easier way, and one which would ensure success, would be to cook two 14″ cakes and place one on top of the other with a little jam. If you followed Prince William and Kates Wedding you will have noticed that their huge wedding cake was made up of several smaller cakes.

  80. I want to do a 14-15 inch cake and it has to be deep 5inches can u tell me how much more ingredients I would need to add to your recipe please in order to get it this deep thanks

  81. Hi Sheila, thank you so much for your reply and tips. Hadn’t thought of Trex!!. I would be very interested to see your sponge cake recipes. Thanks again Bobbie

  82. @Bobbie. How lovely to be making your son’s wedding cake and simply decorating it with fresh flowers is an excellent way to overcome the transportation problems. As for the nut and dairy free tier, I would suggest the bottom fruit tier. Substitute the flaked almonds with more dried fruit and use ‘Trex’ instead of butter. Add extra spices to give it flavour. See the following link under ‘dairy Free Cooking’ http://cakefrills.co.uk/home/?s=dairy+free. On the same page you will see that coconut oil makes very good cakes and would be good in the sponge, but you would have to make a couple of samples to get the ratio of coconut oil right. A Madeira cake gives a firm finish to decorate, but dries very quickly which could be a problem if you are travelling a few days before the wedding. Alternatively I have a couple of lovely sponge recipes, I have used for wedding cakes which are split with a cream in the middle. If you are interested, I will post them on the site for you. I would recommend that you hire a stand to put the tiers on rather than the traditional pillars, which can be quite tricky to get upright, especially in a sponge cake, which does not have the firm inside structure.

  83. Hi, I am making my son’s wedding cake next year. They want 3 tiers with bottom fruit and top two sponge. I will have to make it at home and transport it to Scotland and decorate it there before the wedding. Also i need 1 tier to be nut and dairy free . What recipes would you suggest. I will be decorating it simply with ribbon and fresh flowers. Never made a wedding cake before but would really like to impress with b oth taste and appearance. Thanks for any tips at all

  84. @ Maggie. You can leave out the black treacle if you do not like it and replace it with golden syrup. If you do not like dark rich fruit cakes you could always try a Golden Christmas Cake. This has all the delicious fruitiness, but with a more mellow, delicate taste.

  85. @ Tracy. Calculating the mixture for a cake tin can be quite tricky, but in this case it is quite simple. Just quarter the mixture for an 8″ recipe to get the quantities for a 4″ tin. If this seems wrong think how many times you can place a square 4″ tin into a square 8″ tin. Four times therefore it is quarter of the mixture. Just make sure you use the square recipe for square tins and the round recipe for round tins do not mix them up.

  86. @ Nkechi I am sorry to hear that you have difficulty in keeping fruitcakes outside
    of the refrigerator. I am not sure what could be the cause as fruitcakes
    should keep in a sealed container as long as it is not in direct sunlight
    and can only make the following comments:

    Fruit cakes will only keep if they are the very rich fruit cakes.
    Fruit cakes need to be ‘fed’ with alcohol to keep them any length of time
    as the alcohol preserves them.
    The cakes should be wrapped in greaseproof paper before being sealed in an
    airtight container.
    The container should be kept in a dry but airy place (not in direct

    My climate is not as extreme as that in Nigeria, but I have kept cakes for
    up to two years without any deterioration.

  87. I live in Nigeria and when I keep fruit cakes in an airtight container outside the refridgerator,it goes bad. How do u manage this? Also we have some couples who manage to pay for their wedding cakes 3 weeks before the event,what is the best combination to use to achieve a moist and tasty cake within this short notice. Thank you as I anticipate your response.

  88. @Jess This question keeps cropping up. There are various reasons why cakes vary in depth. The size of the eggs, how accurately the ingredients are weighed, how much mixing is done (do not over mix the cake once the flour and fruit are added – just enough to ensure everything is mixed). How much liquid is added (A tablespoon of mixture should fall off the spoon when it is upturned, but not run off or be so dry as to not budge at all). Even different ovens will give a different result. I would always recommend a trial run with a smaller fruit cake, if you are fairly new to baking rich fruit cakes. This will give you a feel for how the mixture should look like and practice in the actual baking of a fruit cake.

  89. I am very confused! The recipe says the 14″ cake comes out at 3″ deep but in one of the comments it says the cake is 2″ deep. I need a 3″ cake for the bottom tier of a wedding cake and dont know if i should increase the quantities and by how much? Also does this cake benefit from being made a month or so in advance or not? Thanks so much

  90. Hi, just to say that I made the 14″ recipe and baked in a 16″ x 12″ tin, it came out beautiful and cooked in a bit over 4 hours, the 1st hour @160 and then 150. I used a conventional oven. From now on this is the recipe I will use.
    Thank you

  91. @Frances. I am afraid that you cannot bake at a temperature of 100 deg C as the cake would not rise and would just dry out. If you have an Aga type range, there is usually a hotter oven. You could use this hotter oven for the first half to an hour and then change ovens to the cooler one and this would probably work. As a guide I usually cook at 16O deg C until the cake has risen and looks as if it is about to ‘crack’ on the top and then I reduce it to 150 deg C until it is cooked (lower if it is a very large cake).

  92. Would you be able to bake at a lower temperature. I have a range style cooker with an oven which the max temperature is 100C.

  93. @Neil. Are you using actual butter in your recipes as margarine and butter substitutes result in a crumbly texture. Also the smaller the pieces of fruit you use the more the cut cake keeps it’s shape. I have used only currants in past which gives a lovely firm cake.

  94. Hi, has anyone had any experience of the fruit cake on this site . I have a wedding cake to make , 14 square. I have been trying many receipes and so far they have all been crumbly. Not holding shape. Time is running out, need to get this done by end off week. Help

  95. Another question….do you usually paint the brandy over afterwards? It isn’t mentioned in the recipe method so just want to make sure – should I prick holes and add the brandy then? Thank you!

  96. @ Suze When leaving out flaked almonds it is necessary to make the ratio of dry ingredients back up again. This can be with any of the dry fruits you are using. If you were leaving out 100 grams almonds just add 100 grams of say sultanas or currants. You could even add a totally different fruit if you wished such as chopped prunes, dates or even add cranberries.

  97. Hi, I was just wondering about the flaked almonds? If I leave them out of the recipe (for people with nut allergies) would that have any effect on the recipe do you think? I think it’d be fine, but wanting to check… Suze 🙂

  98. [email protected] With regard to the size eggs I use, I normally buy medium size eggs. However if small eggs are on offer, I get these and just add another one to the mixture. If the recipe said say 4 eggs I would add 5 and for a larger mixture of say 6 – 8 eggs, I would add another 2 small eggs. it is not an exact science and fruit cakes are not so dependent upon perfect size eggs as sponges are.

  99. Hi, I’m making my own wedding cake and the bottom tier is 14 inch round fruit cake. I have a recipe that I trust and have used for smaller cakes however the conversions only go up to a 13 inch round. Looking at the overall quantities for your 14 inch round they are more or less the same as I have for a 12 inch on my recipe. Could you please tell me what depth of cake your recipe will make. Thanks

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