Simnel Easter Cake

This cake is very easy to decorate and as it does not have any icing it is not too sweet.

You will need

8″ round baked Simnel Cake
500 grams marzipan
Seedless jam
10″ round cake board
Baking parchment
1 mtr ribbon

Take the baked simnel cake and place on the cake board.  Using the tin it was baked in as a template, roll out marzipan and cut out a circle.

Spread the top of the cake with the jam and place the cirle of marzipan on top.  Smooth surface and gently ease the edges of the marzipan over the edge of the cake to give a smooth finish.

Place a saucer on top of the cake and using a flat bladed knife, ‘draw’ round the saucer, then mark criss cross lines within the cirle you have marked.

Using the remaining marzipan, make 11 (13 if you want to include all the disciples and Jesus)  balls and place evenly round the edge of the cake.

Place the cake under a medium grill until the  grid and balls are golden brown.

Cut 2 strips of baking parchment the same depth of the cake and cover the outside edge, using tape to keep in position.

Finally attach the yellow ribbon around the cake and tape into position.  I tend to use the paper type florists ribbon.  The remaining ribbon can then be used to make a bow and the rest torn into thinner strips. Using the blunt edge of a knife, place the strips between the edge of the knife and your thumb, press hard and pull the strips towards you to create frills.  Tie several together and tape to the cake using double sided sticky tape.

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