Santa and Children in the Snow Christmas Cake

This cake uses the Santa and Children figures made from Mexican Paste using Patchwork Cutters and Snowflakes using medium and large Snowflake Plunger Cutters.  The blue colour has been achieved by spraying the cake with Colour Mist Spray after it has been covered in sugarpaste.

You will need:

Cake covered in marzipan and white sugarpaste
Additional White Sugarpaste
Blue Colour Mist Spray
Snow Flakes
Previously made Snowman and Children figures
Plain holly leaf cutter
A small amount of Royal Icing

Using the additional white sugarpaste, make 4 Medium and approx 20 small snowflakes using the same method as Making Holly Leaves plus a few extra to allow for breakages and leave to dry.

Spray the cake with the blue colour mist spray as evenly as possible.  (It will be necessary to cover the adjoining area before spraying as it does tend to go everywhere!).

Wipe the board with a damp cloth to remove any blue spray and leave the cake to dry.

Roll out the remainder of the white sugarpaste and cut out plain holly leaves.  Dampen the bottom edge of the cake with a little cool boiled water and stick the holly leaves to the cake, placing them at a slight angle.  Continue until you have gone right around the cake.

This provides an attractive boarder which is quick and does not require any piping of icing.

Using the royal icing place a small amount in the centre of the cake and attach the Snowman and Children figures.

To fix the snowflakes, place small blobs of icing in a pattern around the snowman and children and gently press small snowlakes into the icing.

For the side decoration place four small blobs equally round the side of the cake and gently press in the medium snowflakes.  Finally arrange small snowflakes in between.


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