Pony Club Cake

This novelty cake is based on a simple square fruit cake covered in marzipan and fondant icing.

I covered the entire cake with white fondant and then created the Grass by placing an oval of coloured fondant onto the covered cake and iding the edges with piped green stars. Further piped green icing enhances the appearance of the grass.

The pony, showjumping poles and the rider (clinging to the side of the cake) are also made from fondant. To create the dark colours, it is best to let the white model dry out and then paint with food colouring. The figures take a little practice, but do not forget this is a novelty cake and therefore the characters look best if they are ‘cartoon’ like. Just let your imagination run. I usually have a rough idea of how I want the finished cake to look, but the actual design developes as I go along.

In this cake I decided to add a rabbit hole after I had nearly finished. This I achieved with a ball of white fondant which I hollowed out and then placed onto the cake. I then covered the mound with green fondant (leaving the hollowed out front uncovered). The edges were hidden with piped green ‘grass’. I then modelled a small brown ball and pushed it into the hollow, placed a white ball on the top as a tail and two oval flat pieces of fondant as feet.

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