Novelty Christmas Cakes

If you like to take cakes into work to share at Christmas, why not try taking a Christmas Cake.  Not only will you be very popular, but it can be a chance to be creative with the decorations.  If your workplace has a logo or even sells a specific product, you could use this as a basis for the decoration. (Please remember company logos are the the property of that company and cannot be used on cakes that are for resale).

Below is a cake I made for a member of my family to take into the camera shop where they work.

The Christmas Trees were made from cones of green coloured fondant icing with the branches being created by snipping into the fondant icingwith a pair of pointed scissors.  I then mixed a little green petal dust in with a few drops of Rejuvenator Spirit and used this to paint over the trees.  Finally using a fine artists brush I dotted different colours over the trees to resemble lights.

The snowman is made from two balls of white fondant icing with flattened coloured balls of fondant as buttons and eyes with a cone of orange fondant icing for the nose.  The hat is simply a flattened ball of black fondant placed on the snowman’s head and a second piece of black fondant icing rolled and flattened at each end to give the top of the hat. All pieces will stick together with a little cooled boiled water. The camera stand and camera were made from shaped pieces of fondant icing, which were allowed to dry before assembling with a little royal icing as ‘glue’.  The silver paint was created by using silver petal dust and Rejuvenator Spirit.  A little white royal icing was roughly spread on the top of the cake to resemble snow.  This also gives you something to stick your models to the top of the cake.

The letters were made using cutters and the coloured ‘underline’ was created from small strips of white fondant, painted with food colouring once dry. 

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