More Mini Christmas Cakes

As These little cakes are such fun to give as presents, I have included some more.  If you are making a larger cake, you can increase the ingredients and bake one of these small ones at the same time.  For example if you want to make an 8″ round cake, make a 10″ mixture and put the extra in the 4″ tin.

This was decorated with a Father Christmas which was made using a ‘Father Christmas Plunger Cutter” and white fondant icing.

The cut out figure was left to dry for two days and then painted using edible colours.

The balloons around the side were made from red fondant ising and cut out with different sized piping tubes.  A large cream tube for the big balloons and a standard icing tube for the small ones.

A small amount of royal icing, coloured green and a fine writing tube was used to create the little ‘strings’ around the balloons and trailing up the sides of the cake.

Once again the balloons have been used to create a simple but effective decoration on the side of the cake, while letter cutters have been used to create the ‘NOEL’ on the top.  The letters are cut out of red fondant and placed on the cake straight away and left to dry in position.  I use a small dedicated artists brush to moisten the backs of the letters with a little boiled water.  This helps the letters to stick to the top of the cake.

Once dry a little white royal icing can be piped on the top of the letters to create the effect of snow having fallen on them.  It is important to ensure that the red letters are completely dry as the icing will turn pink.

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