Mickey Mouse Novelty Cake

Shaped novelty cakes are very easy to make using specially shaped cake tins/molds.  This Mickey Mouse cake was created using a Silicone Cake Mould my daughter purchased at Disneyland Paris.  Other shapes, such as trains, boats and Disney characters such as Buzz Light-year are easily obtainable to purchase.  However most cake decorating shops hire these tins for 3 to 4 days at very reasonable rates.

Silicone Moulds have the advantage in that the cooked sponge can easily be removed.  Cake release sprays are available, but I found that painting the inside with melted lard and then dusting with flour is very effective (see preparing a cake tin for a sponge cake).

The decoration is simply coloured butter icing piped using a rose nozzle.  The black icing is created by using chocolate butter icing.  Large amounts of black food colouring make the icing taste strange and I do not feel happy feeding children so much colouring.  The chocolate butter icing reduces the amount of black colouring required and gives a nice flavour.

Ingredients for the Mickey Mouse sponge cake are:

8 oz (225g) butter/margarine
8 oz (225g) caster sugar
8 oz (225) self raising flour (sifted)
4 eggs (beaten)
Half teaspoon of vanilla extract
Large baking tray to place filled mould on to cook as it is too floppy without
12” (30 cm) cake board

Set oven to 180 C, 356 F or Gas Mark 4

Beat the butter/margarine and caster sugar together until light in colour and creamy, using a wooden spoon or food mixer
Add the eggs and beat well
Add the vanilla extract
Carefully fold in the self-raising flour using a metal spoon
Spoon the mixture into the prepared mould and spread out evenly, especially in the ears
Bake for about 25 minutes until golden brown.  The cake should be firm to the touch and starting to shrink from the edges of the mould
Remove from the oven and leave for 5 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack to cool completely

Butter Icing

6 oz (175) butter (softened)
12 oz (245) icing sugar
Half teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
4 oz (100g) fondant icing powder
Food colouring in red, black and pink
Piping bags and 2 rose nozzles, one small and one large

Beat the butter and icing sugar together until soft and creamy.  Put half into a bowl and set aside.  Sift the cocoa powder into the remaining butter icing and mix well.  This will now form the basis of the black icing.  Add just enough black food colouring to create a grey mixture.  Leave this for an hour to develop and become black.

Take the remaining butter icing and colour pink.  Take a tablespoon of this pink mixture and add red food colour until it is light red.  Again leave for an hour to develop.

Place the sponge cake onto the board and using the large rose nozzle, fill the piping bag with black butter icing.  Starting just above the one cheek, cover the top of mickey’s face with rosettes of black icing.  On the top of the ears, pipe a ring around the outer edge and then work inwards in circles.

Next cover lower half of eyes to make pupils, nose and outline of mouth

Next mix the powdered fondant icing with just enough water to make a very firm paste (which will hold it shape when pulled up into peaks) and pipe the whites of the eyes.

Using black and the small rose nozzle, pipe a black outline round the eyes and also a wavy line across the face under the eyes (see picture below).

Using the pink icing and the large rose nozzle, cover the rest of the face with stars

Finally using the red icing and small nozzle, fill in the mouth

If you want to personalise the cake with a name/age you could either pipe this onto the board or, as I have done, used some red fondant icing and cut the letters out using icing cutters.


  1. @Paul. To make this cake as a chocolate cake, simply replace 65 grams of the flour with cocoa powder plus half tasp of baking powder.

  2. Would like to try makeing this cake but in chocolate plese could you let me know much cocoa powder is needed

  3. @ Sarah. Thank you for your kind words. The problem you experienced could be one of two things. Firstly the buttercream may be too stiff, it should pipe without having to exert too much pressure. The other reason may be technique and is something I struggled with for a long time. The tick is to hold the piping bag in position until you have finished squeezing and have the required size star, then stop squeezing and lift the piping bag. I practise on a china plate and if the buttercream sticks to this then I know it will stick to the cake.

  4. Hi, just made this cake using your tutorial (which is brilliant – thank you) just one question, my buttercream isn’t sticking to the cake when I pipe. Any suggestions? Should I crumb coat first? Thanks Sarah 🙂

  5. @ Joanne. I have just had a look on Amazon and they have one by CFU. Search for ‘Mickey Mouse Cake Tin Pan’. The one I used came from America (Disneyworld) but the sizes look the same. They are also available on e-bay.

  6. hi i am trying to find a cake tin as same as the one you have here. All the ones i can find are quite small any ideas where i could find one the same size? My grandson wants mickey mouse cake for his birthday x

    Thank you x

  7. @Kirsty. Hi it is entirely possible to split the cake, especially if you have one of the wire cake cutters which makes the process very easy and keeps the cut even. If you make two cakes and place one on top of the other, you will have a very high cake. However if this is what you wish to achieve then that will be fine. You will however need to make a lot more butter icing to decorate the higher sides and the overall face may appear to be out of proportion ie a face sitting on top of a cake rather than the whole cake being the face. I have found that one layer is all that is required, especially as it is completely covered in butter icing anyway.

  8. Hi I’m planning on baking this cake, I have the exact same mould and all other resources but do u think it is possible to split the cake to add a filling or would you bake two cakes n stack them? Thanks x

  9. Wanted to know the measurements of the cake mould if
    Iv bought the mickey mouse silicone mould recently
    But I’m not sure how the measurements of the
    Ingredients will work out. Mine H28 x W31 x D5cm approx
    Not sure if it’s same as yours if it is then il just follow
    Your measurements….. Thanks

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