Making Sugar Christmas Roses

These are very simply made and are effective on a plain cake with some holly leaves and berries. I have also used a large Christmas Rose on the Holly Wreath Cake.

To make the flowers you will nead:

  • A small quantity of flower paste (available from most cake decorating shops and also on-line at A Piece of Cake Thame
  • A Set of Rose Cutters
  • Royal Icing
  • Petal dust in yellow and pink
  • Some Stamens (optional)
  • Small piece of fine lace
  • Balling Tool (used to shape the rose petals – optional)
  • Baking parchment
  • Polystyrene apple container

Roll out the white flower paste very thinly and cut out 3 or 4 petals of your chosen size. (it is best to only cut 3 or 4 shapes at a time as the paste dries out very quickly and cracks.) Keep the remainder covered while you are working.

Using the “balling tool” shape the petal in the palm of your hand by stretching and curving it. (This can also be done with the finger tips).

Repeat this 5 times (the number required for each Christmas Rose) and place them in the Polystyrene apple container to dry while retaining their shape.

Continue until you have enough for the quantity of Christmas Roses required plus a couple of spare and leave to dry for 24 hours.

To make the centre of the Christmas Roses, take some yellow sugar paste (fondant) and make several small balls.

Then using the piece of fine lace, press each ball into it to make an imprint on each one and flatten it out at the same time. At this point you can add some stamens if desired. Just cut the stemens up and push into the yellow paste. Leave to dry.

When the petals are dry and hard take each one and gently dust the outer edge with pink petal dust and the point of each petal with yellow petal dust. Then carefully pass each petal through the steam from a boiling kettle of water and leave to dry.

To assemble the flowers: Cut a small piece of baking parchment and place in the bottom of each section of the polystyrene apple container.

Mix a small amount of royal icing and place a quarter of a teaspoon in the middle of a piece of baking parchment.

Place a petal into the icing.

Continue with the other 4 petals, placing a small amount of icing on the back of each tip and overlapping the petals as you place them.

Finally place a small amount of royal icing onto the back of one of the yellow centres and gently press into the centre of the flower. Leave to dry. Make the rest of the flowers.

When completely dry remove the baking parchment.

The flowers are now ready to be used.


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. I enjoyed it and have tried out the flower it came out fine.

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