A Cup of Cake Anyone?

For Christmas I received a set of cake cases in the shape of cups.  There were also a set of saucers to serve them on.  They are made by Wilko and are delightful.  I made a basic sponge mixture for them and added white chocolate drinking chocolate and milk chocolate chips for flavour.  They looked very nice as you can see, but a bit bland.

The picture on the box showed them with pink, piped butter icing, but this did not look quite right.  I then thought ‘If they are ‘cup cakes’ they should look like a drink’.   So I made up a mixture of vanilla butter icing and spread this over each cake leaving it a bit rough to resemble either cream or frothed milk, and sprinkled cocoa powder on the top.  The result was some very realistic cups of capuccino.  Such fun to make and a wondeful gift to give to someone.


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