Dairy Free Cooking

Having a family member who has a dairy free diet, has prompted me to try many recipies over the year, some with disasterous results.

I have discovered that it is best not to try and use soya or sunflower products when making fruit cakes as the soft fats give at best a very crumbly texture or at worst a very dry cake. I would recomment always using a hard fat and the one that seems to work best is ‘Trex’. It is virtually tasteless and gives a moist, non crumbly texture. To overcome the fact that you will not be able to achieve that lovely buttery taste, I use double the spices and also a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Where the recipie calls for milk to give a soft dropping consistency, I use orange juice (freshly squeezed is best and you can use the grated peal in the cake.

I am confident that not only will be person who has a dairy free diet will love the cake, but that everyone else will be completely unaware of the fact that it is dairy free.


  1. I had not used coconut oil before, but having read the recommendation, was keen to do so. I had a little difficulty sourcing it in my local small town, but eventually purchased some from Holland & Barratt.

    I then used it in the Rock Cakes, and Boiled Fruit Cake recipes (see experiments section)

  2. Have you tried baking with coconut oil? I love the buttery tastes it imparts and it acts more as a solid.

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