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This is a selection of photos from my portfolio.  Directions on how to create some of these cakes can be found on the site (clicking on the heading will take you to instructions) while others will follow shortly.

You may click on any image in this guide to enlarge it.

Pink Princess Castle Cake


Three Tier Wedding Cake

IMG_0015 (2)

Christening Cake


Holly Wreath Cake


Cake Topper Birthday Cake

Cake Topper Cake1

Christmas Rose and Holly


Nativity Cake 


Snowman and Friends


Mickey Mouse Sponge Cake



Novelty Christmas Cake


Ice Cream ’99’ Cupcakes



Halloween Cake (Spider Web)


 Mini Christmas Cakes

Mini Christmas Cake

Mini Christmas Cake





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Hosted Bn flickr

Hosted Bn flickr
Snowman with Children Christmas Cake

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Novelty Garden Cake

IMGP0035 a
Hosted Bn flickr
Easter Chick Cake

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Simnel Easter Cake

Hosted Bn flickr
Birthday cake with Sugar Roses

Hosted Bn flickr
Nude Sunbathing


Hosted Bn flickr


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Retirement from Office Desk to Garden

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Pony Club

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Hosted Bn flickr

Poppies for a Ruby Wed

Hosted Bn flickr

Top Tier of a Three Tier Wedding Cake

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Three Tier Wedding Cake – Ivory Coloured Fondant and Red Roses

Hosted Bn flickr

Three Tier Wedding Cake with Peach Roses

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Stretched Petal, Pale Blue Wedding Cake with Dasies

Hosted Bn flickr

Christening Cakes with Handmade Fondant Crib

Hosted Bn flickr

Hosted Bn flickr

Small Individual Cake

Hosted Bn flickr

Individual Easter Bonnet Cake

Hosted Bn flickr

18th Birthday Cake

Hosted Bn flickr

Birthday Cake with Sugar Flowers and Lace work on Side

Hosted Bn flickr

Simple Sponge Birthday Cake with a Spray of Sugar Roses

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Christmas Cakes

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  1. @Vicki, As long as the amount of dry ingredients are the same, you can exchange the polenta for 50/50 ground almonds and gluten free flour. The polenta gives a more grainy texture which not everyone likes. You could also then add a teaspoon of Xanthan Gum which helps bind the cake so it is less crumbly due to the lack of wheat flour. Xanthan Gum is common in commercial gluten free foods. I am sensitive to it so use the polenta instead.

  2. Hi. your cakes are fantastic and I really appreciate the information you give. I am going to follow your advice. I am making a 12″ fruit cake, and also a 5″ GF fruit cake. I am safe to follow all your recipe. however I thought I’d ask you your thoughts. GF flour or add something else too. We are already adding a lot of almonds – I noticed you have added polenta in the past. what do you think?

  3. I am making two Christmas cakes today to use up the Lidl brandy soaked fruit and the addition of a bottle of Amareena cherries and their syrup. It is the best recipe I’ve used, thank you.

  4. Dear Denise, using loaf tins would certainly work. The issue with quantities is the actual volume of your loaf tins. I have two different shapes of 2lb loaf tins. One is deep but shorter and the other is shallower but longer. I would suggest you find the volume of your usual 12″ tin (which will be 12 x 12 x depth). Then you can find the volume of your loaf tins in the same way and multiply by 4. If the volume of all four is the same as your 12″ you an use that recipe. Let me know if you need any more help.

  5. Hi Sheila, I’ve learnt so much reading all the comments on your site. Could you tell me what quantity of mix I need to make the rich fruit cake in a 2lb loaf tin? In the past, for quickness, I’ve used a 12inch square and cut it into 4 x 4inch cakes – 1 each for us, our 2 daughters and our son. They’ve not been very successful (dry/burnt round the edges and quite dry in the middle). This year, I thought I’d try the loaf tins – and bake them all at the same time. Would this work?

  6. @Susan – Sorry but I am not aware of anything else you could pipe to create a filagree effect. Mexican paste could be used to cut out pieces and make your pram, but nothing will be as delicate as royal icing.

  7. Not a comment but a question really. Doing a Christening cake and a Royal iceing filagree pram,which I am finding extremely delicate. Wondered if you know of anything that I could pipe but is much sturdier than Royal iceing?
    I was thinking on the lines of thinner Mexican paste, but don’t know if that’s feasable.
    Thank you in anticipation.

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