Christmas is Coming!!!!

The Christmas cards and chocolates are in the shops and I have tentatively started some Christmas Shopping.  But the best bit of all is looking through my Christmas Cake recipes and choosing which ones I will make this year.  Usually several varieties.  One daughter loves the Chocolate Christmas Cake whereas the other always puts in an order for the Golden Christmas Cake.  My son is a traditionalist when it comes to fruit cake, while my husband prefers a Dundee.  And me?  Well I usually make myself a little Chocolate Cake, as apart from my daughter, I am told it is the least favourite.  Strange though that each year I am lucky if I get a single slice.

Browse through my recipes or choose a favourite of your own.  Now is a great time to make the cake.  The rush of Christmas is still around the corner and the cake will benefit from a long maturing period.

This year I get to try a different type as I need to make a gluten free cake for my husband.  I have seen a delicious sounding mandarin orange cake, so think I will give this one a go.  On second thoughts I need to make sure it works.  Oh well I will just have to make and eat one now – purely as research though!!!!

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