The Joy of Gluten Free Cooking

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and did not eat too much.  The problem with eating too much at Christmas is that you need to diet afterwards and cannot enjoy baking delicious recipies for a few months.

I used the Christmas break to practice lots and lots of Gluten Free recipes.  I made very few items with gluten in as I wanted to see if the family noticed any difference.  I am pleased to say that they all enjoyed the food very much and the only slight critisim was that gluten free food has a grainier texture.  This is due to using corn meal or polenta in some of the recipies.

My big break came on Christmas day when I opened a present and found the ‘Seriously Good! Gluten-Free Cooking’ cookbook by Phil Vickery.  If you are serious about not eating wheat or gluten then I would recommend this book.  Phil has really ‘researched his stuff’ and his gluten free flour mix now has a box of its own in my cupboard all ready for use.

His recipe for Chestnut and Roasted Onion bread produced the first loaf of bread that did not go in the bin.  Although I substituted the onions for sun dried tomatoes.  It had a lovely taste and texture and kept fresh for three days.  Making it was a bit wierd though as there is no keeding or proving involved.

I am still having to order most of my flours over the internet, but the Supermarkets are begining to catch up and I have been able to get Rice Flour from Tesco and Morrisons.  They are also beigning to stock Xanthan Gum which does seem to give the baked products a good texture.  I like to think this came about in Tesco after two managers spent ten minutes on their phones trying to research where Xanthan Gum could be obtained.  I had just complained that it was not available and given them a quick lesson on gluten free products.  Keep up the good work.


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