Oh the Imagination of a Child

Do you sometimes wish you hadn’t asked a question?  One of my granddaughter’s has her sixth birthday coming up shortly and I asked her what sort of birthday cake she wanted this year.  I was fully expecting it to be on the theme of ‘Frozen’ as every cake so far has been disney princess related.  But no not this year, not only did she know exactly what she wanted, but the size and shape also.  It goes like this:

It must be four tiers high and the ‘sea’ with a pink pirate ship on the top!  No simple round cake with a cake topper on for my grandchildren!  After some discussion we decided that the cake could be three tiers with the bottom one being the bottom of the sea with dark green colouring and star fish and octopus, with the middle tier being turquise with brightly coloured fish and the top being blue with waves.  The fourth tier will actually be the pirate ship and I think it will be cake for the hull and sugar paste for all the sails etc. Then as an afterthought, I was told I needed to include Tinkerbell and the other pirate fairies.  Ah faith is restored, we are back to the disney princess.

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