My Waterproof Cake

Having a cupboard full of very interesting flours and grains (see picture), I was very eager to start baking.  I had a recipe which used rice flour and potato starch in equal amounts.  It was basically a whisked, fat free sponge.  It appeared very normal when I put it in the pan and rose beautifully and was a very deep chocolate cake which I sandwiched with jam and butter cream.  The first inkling that something was amiss, was the fact that the jam was running out from between the layers (not a usual trait in a sponge cake).  I cut the caked and we sampled it and whilst it tasted quite good, it was very dry.  No problem, I thought, I will serve it with cream.  The cream did not moisten the cake at all and it was only when we poured maple syrup over it in an attempt to make it moist and edible, that we discovered that the cake was completely waterproof.  No moisture at all was going to penetrate that sponge.

So attempt one chalked up to experience and a very full food waste bag awaiting collection and a big line through that particular recipe.

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