Lego Inspired

Having spent some time helping my Grandson with his lego the day before, the little coloured bricks were obviously still on my mind when making individual lemon and poppy seed cakes.  I use the ‘My Kitchen Mini Rectangular Loaf Tin’, from Lakeland to make 12 lovely individual cakes.  It occurred to me, whilst turning them out to cool that they look like 2 x 1 lego bricks.  I then started to place them together and discovered that two together makes a square 2 x 2 brick and cut one in half and you get 2 single bricks.

With my grandson’s birthday only a couple of weeks away, I have been inspired to make not just a single cake but many individual lego bricks scattered around.  So to-day, on my table, I have  the most bright and beautiful fondant in primary colours and a large 13 square board and box already for construction.

I will start by making little ‘sausages’ of the coloured fondant and cutting pieces off, to dry for the little ‘bumps’ on the top of the bricks.  There is not a lot else that can be done then until I bake the cakes the day before assembly.  I am now thinking about different flavours of cake and filling for each colour to add more interest.  I need four different ones, perhaps lemon for the yellow bricks and chocolate for the red.  What do you think.  Anyone any ideas?

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