Can you resist a bargain

I recently saw six limes for 19 pence in my local supermarket.  Now I love a bargain and bought them without any idea of what I was going to use them for.  They sat in my fridge for a few days before I had the idea of making lime curd.  I had made lemon curd many years ago and knew it was very easy so I thought ‘why not substitute limes’.

An hour later and I had two jars of delicous lime curd cooling.  All I had to do now was to find something to serve it with.  I had a recipe for a gluten free sponge I wanted to try and knowing that gluten free cakes can lack the flavour of their wheat counterparts, I decided that lime curd would enhance this receipe.  I made the cake and it was fantastic, light, fluffy but still lovely and moist.  I have never made such an easy cake, as you just throw all the ingredients in together and beat until light and fluffy.  The reason you have to be gentle with wheat based sponges, is to prevent the gluten building up and making the sponge heavy.  However with gluten free sponges, this is not a problem so even a beginner can have complete success.

Both the sponge and the lime curd were delicous and the curd complimented the sponge beautifully.  If you want to have a go, here is the link:

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