Welcome to Cakefrills. This site is aimed at all ranges of experience from complete beginners to those who just want tips on making their designs that little bit more professional looking, or wish to try out a new recipe.  See Cake Gallery to view a selection of cakes I have created.

I love birthdays as they allow my imagination to flow and create all manner of novelty cakes for both adults and children.  Sometimes it is the children themselves who know exactly what they want.  My grandchildren have very specific requirements and their cakes are often in the design process for at least six months.  The  two cakes pictured here are a couple I have recently created.  The tiered cake above was produced from a design drawn by my then six year old granddaughter Evie.   The tiers were all different flavours and the lights were a real challenge. I did not want cables and I was also worried about them being eaten.  In the end I created little flower heads around the cake board and individual lights were placed in them prior to the candles being lit.  They were then quickly taken off before the cake was cut.

The Star Wars  cake below was another challenge as Evie’s brother did not want to be outdone with the tiered cake.  I managed to get the height by using the Death Star as a tier and making the second tier double depth.  I used Lakeland’s small hemisphere tin for the death star and covered it with grey fondant before shaping and cutting out all the individual features of the star.  I used edible sugar stars on the main cake which took over an hour to put each one in place.